God brought me into totally repent, afterward i really realize the God is so good , so amazing His kindness on my life. Then i decided to serve Him properly through His disciples or unbeliever. People who don’t know yet about Jesus Christ , son of God who has power to forgives all sins in our lives.
I myself started my private ministry since 2003 and become larger at 2005.
Now , after prophesied by many prophets i make a new decision, create bigger influence in ministry, not only as counselor anymore, but also move into church ministries. Now i am studying as Master of Church Ministries at STTB The Way, Jakarta, the theology and leadership university from Gereja Bethel Indonesia.
Walking through this destiny, depend on faith and the vision of God gave to me, to release the Holy Fire to Indonesia and all of the world. I am just an ordinary man with nothing special and nor brilliant, by the name of Jesus walking through to reach the souls for Jesus ! This is not easy duty, this is the biggest burden in my life, i even don’t know whether this mandate would success or failed.
So if you borne to prayers for me, it is blessing for me to bless you in every prayers to God.

No wonders if friends, people who know me before become sneer about my repent, but i don’t care what people says, many of friends don’t believe about my repent, and don’t believe about God’s burden to me, but it’s okay, they are free to comment.
But now, i don’t even think about my own private life anymore, it’s all about Jesus, i surrender for His will, i just His vessel, not more, and i am just servant of God.
In every ways, i always think and do become humble the servant of God.

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