My 35th years birthday

Thanks to God for His blessing and kindness for 35 years. His richest blessing, anointing and love encourage me to live.

My brother and i celebrate my birthday at Puro Italian restaurant at City Plaza,Gatot Subroto. I want something special because i think i am not young anymore, and become an old 🙂 .
After visited Padang tour from my office i contact my friend and ask her about new restaurant for my birthday, so i found this restaurant, this restaurant is cool, the menu looks healthy , the ingredients very high quality for Italian spaghetti, black truffle mushroom (i inspired from No Reservation movie), delicious pizza and not bad main course i think. But i never recommend about their main course, taste is not good. I think i should realize that Italian restaurant could not serve steak and similar like that because their specialty in pasta and salads. I prove that reason in all Italian restaurant i had visit, from low to high price , if they cooked for steak, foie grass,

they don’t cook them well. For example, Foie Grass should fried in rare heat,better pan sear so the foie grass become pink and softly, but they fried too bad, the foie grass become dark brown and taste little bit bitter.
But it’s ok, i try this restaurant for satisfied my hobby to eat :). I never regret.
My brother and i enjoy the simple party !
This share is not for show off, i just to share my happiness to all of you my friend in Internet.

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