Gold Dust and Oil from heaven…

This is another new report of Elven Ministry.
Extreme miracle happened on Saturday night, June 29,2008 when my team and i worship higher and higher to wonderful Jesus. I asked not only gold dust, but the oil from heaven flowing from our hand (palm hand) …we sang Haleluya for many many repeat times, we exalt God very high !

It’s about one and half hour we worship Lord and entering the glory realm with Holy Spirit. We believe that time will be a great time to love and love Jesus more and take powerful Holy Spirit anointing from Heaven’s warehouse all impossible stuff into material realm. We pray, we worship, and we believe something extreme happen in this time.
And it corrects !

After drank much anointing, after worship till we drunk in the spirit i pray for God give us gold dust, gold oil, oil anointing that exit from our hand. I believe on that time we already enter into Glory Realm of God ! And then i prayed for my brothers, afterward anointing him, imparting him with every anointing in me. He received so much, and he believe something will happened that night !

my brother palm hand expel the anointing, until his hand wet and oily but the oil isn’t drip from palm hand, only expel and his palm hand going to oily, smell so good, like a vanilla combine with rose, and i believe that the anointing from Jesus Lord God ! Haleluya !!!
Meanwhile my palm hand not expel the oily oil anointing, but feel like thick, seems like margarine or butter on my palm hand. My other friends also feel like margarine or butter but one of my friend, the big one, expel the oil anointing in a part of her palm hand.

It so amazing experienced extreme miracle sign and wonder last night.
We burned by the Holy Spirit fire , we vow give Jesus the glory.
I believe God will arise more prophetic ministry in this country, God will do the same like He does in USA nowadays. What i believe is not depend on my church synod reveal, not depend what another servant of God reveal when they were in pulpit, but i believe this prophetic by the Holy Spirit Himself.

So i prayers for God accomplish His will in Indonesia,
not from the mouths of His servant who loves to give prophecy just because receive big money, just because they put honor to pastors in this country, but truly speak what God’s speak.

Lord Jesus come ….Come oh Lord Jesus
let them know who You are !!! Glory glory glory is Your name !
Haleluya !!

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