What a wonderful Healing, Miracle, Sign and Wonder…

I would like to report several amazing God’s miracles signs and wonders i ever experience in my ministry, yesterday , today and near future :).
The Progress so wondrous, God is doing spectacular healings, miracles, signs and wonders through me in these days. I pray lots for very wonderful manifestation of Holy Spirit in our lives.
I decide into 4 pages ! Some of them tell so much about the God’s glory in our ministry.

As you know that my spiritual mother Dorcas Daud already change my life radically to understanding about Miracles and Healing. Afterwards on the powerful anointing of Holy Spirit i decided to move faster and more and more digging the richest blessing of God’s glory.

PUSH (Pray Until Something Happen) now is my motto, ask God’s glory in every movement of my ministry is something i have to realize in my life. If yesterday i just counseling people and always end it with deliverance and inner healing, now i don’t want that ministry only stuck on that phase. I want more, more and more in Jesus glory manifestation.
Lots of Elijah miracles on 1 Kings happen now !
Oh God You’re so GREAT and so AMAZING !!

Read this Report
Let the fire of Holy Spirit imparting on you !
God Bless !!

Translation Spirit by ministry of Angel
Never Ending Gold Dust Miracle
Healing Power Works Amazing
Creative Miracle

Enjoy this report,
God bless you !

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