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Short about Prophet Dorcas Daud
As i told you before, my spiritual life changing radically since i met Ps.Dorcas Daud, a Prophet Woman from RDSB (House of Prayer for All People church, Bandung – West Java), she really has a shepherd heart, she very patient teaching everybody to understanding Jesus and His power ! I myself give her salute for her faith to God. She is the first woman in Indonesia who receive gold dust miracle and bones miracle, and she already imparting to me, she never keep the glory of God for herself, she always give everybody who believe in Jesus,the impartation of anointing. She is very extraordinary spiritual mother for me and her others spiritual children. God choose her and God is doing wide her ministry now to all over the world. She already attended India, England, Alaska, Japan and much more to became an international speaker and God still doing till now, next August she will attend Argentina, Pakistan and South Africa. She works under Holy Spirit power ! So awesome able know her ! God bless you Ps Dorcas Daud.
Her website http://www.dorcas-ministry.com is ready, if you have burden evangelism, you can sow your seed into her ministry, her website already equip with PayPal so you can donate directly using your credit card.

The Healing Power Walk Together with Miracle Power
When i started ministering people , i started as counselor, an ordinary counselor. When i serve people to counseling, there’s many problem in infirmity, illness and binded by demons. As usually people who i serve always ask for healing, inner healing, deliverance from demons. God gave me a gift to make them freedom from demons, and inner healing, but on those times, i just healing people rarely. The rare time of healing made me cried out to God, ask Him to grace me a gift for healing power. I like to help people, save and unsave people, they are worth for Jesus, they are need Jesus as their God and mighty helper. Hence my willing and burden to pray for all sick people so big. I pray everyday, and it takes 3 years , i was praying since 2005 ,inspired by Kathryn Kuhlman and Benny Hinn, i asked the Lord to give the anointing for healing. Never stop longs that anointing.
And now, God already answered through His prophet Dorcas Daud, God release His healing anointing through her. Thank you God answering my prayers, i remember what apostle Paul said about impartation of anointing in Rome 1:11(KJV) ” For I long to see you,that I may impart unto you some spiritual gift,to the end ye may be established”
For God to be glory !

Healing Testimony
Here’s i write down all healing testimony when i ministry people. I don’t have intention to be conceit servant of God, but it’s only to tell how great is our God ! Jesus the same as it was, and forever.

1. Healing from Kidney problem
An old man 52 years old healed from kidney problem, his kidney so weak, to much chokes and cannot pee properly, God touch him and make him free ! He just sent me a news that he already fresh, he can pee properly, no chokes anymore. I feel his kidney already restore by the Holy Spirit using creative miracle anointing.

2. Healing from Heart Leak
An old lady 58 years old healed progress from heart leak problem, before praying she always sweat and seems like breathlessly, and she can’t sleep every night properly. After praying Holy Spirit told me that she likes to remember little problems in her mind, and sometime feel hatred, so i ask her to forgive whoever made her angry. afterwards i pray for her health. Holy Spirit anointing flow through my hand, and i knew that i knew that i knew He brings the healing. Tomorrow morning she text me through her phone and say she feel free on her chest and breath easily. Wow Haleluya !!

3. The high blood sugar goes to normal
My brother has diabetes, he sometimes can’t discipline with his meal pattern. On last week, he told me he felt uncomfortable with his body, and i checked his blood directly with blood sugar test tool. Test pack mention his blood sugar is 360, so high ! Then we pray, as usually i prepare worship before serious praying, then i prayed ! I asked Holy Spirit to heal him and i surrender with His will, but my faith said my brother will healed from diabetes totally. I pray and ask God to take off the diabetes from my brother. In the midst of praying my brother felt something lifted from his body, he felt something leaving him, and he rest in the spirit. The healing progress not instantly, after 2 hours without take any medicine, he checked again, and praise the Lord, his blood sugar going down, and become 180.
I praise the Lord, He can downgrade the blood sugar. He do as easy as divide the 360 divide 2 and become 180, so amazing ! Haleluya ! Praise the Lord !!

4. Pregnancy problem ( it was happening 4 years ago, when i prayed for lady who really want to have a baby girl. – this is what i say to you..the healing power works but in rare condition )
4 years ago, one of my team call to me , and told me that her sister asked me to pray for baby girl, she really keen to have the baby girl, she already had 2 boys, and she longed to had baby girl. I prayed her, and i said to her “God already answer your willing and longing, your baby girl will cute, her face similar with her second brother, she will smart and love to sing , she will become a worshipper !”
This lady so exciting with that prophecy. After 3 months, the lady gets pregnant. And she very happy but her happiness must go fast , because in her womb can’t do anymore. She so disappointed, and her sister not believe anymore with the prophecy of God, her sister said “your prophecy false Elven !”
I was little bit sad with that , but Holy Spirit said to me again, so clearly “Say to her don’t give up, ask her to change her doctor, i already answer her prayers”
I called her and told what Holy Spirit spoke to me, and she agreed.
In the next 3 months , she pregnant again, and the womb so healthy. I didn’t involved again. I even forget what i prayed.
In the month of 9 , she called me and said that her baby is baby girl, so cute….oh HALELUYA !! Praise the Lord, You’re so wonderful JESUS ! Haleluya !!!
And now the baby so cute, her face like her second brother, and she loves to sing, praise and worship God everyday, her mom teach her to give thank for everything God done to her.
I am very happy, yesterday she brought her baby girl, already 4 years old, so cute, and i love her so much..God bless their family, bless her children, thanks God, haleluya !!

5. A Coma Young man ARISE !! (The power of resurrection)
In the year 2003 when i was newbie in ministry and newbie as counselor, friend of mind in my church call me, she told that her brother coma, after motorcycle accident , his brain pan damage after bumped the asphalt. He was coma, doctor already take medicine prevention with operation his head.
His condition coma, the detector of heart run slowly and not progress, only like a line strip. In medical it means the medical patient ready to die.
I came to his room, in ICCU and prayed for him.
I didn’t have any idea when i prayed him, but the Holy Spirit spoke clear to me and remind me the words of God on Matthew 9:21 ” For she said within herself, I may but touch his garment, I shall be whole.”
and i prayed like this “God as a woman believe by touch Your garment she will be healed now i bring this man to You and let him touch Your garment and let him healed and arise from the dying ! in Jesus name”
Tomorrow night, his sister, friend of mind called me “Elven my brother….my brother (crying)..he is sober, he is sober now, he can open his eyes and say where am i?”
Oh my GOD, You’re so good, i can’t say it i can’t say it. That man arose ! You are the power of resurrection , oh Jesus i love You !
That what i said when my friend called me.
And now that man already normal, he live normally and always thank God for His resurrection.

Haleluya !!

6.Another Coma 40 years old man, ARISE !!
At June 21, my friend, member of my ministry text me (SMS) to me and asked me to pray for one of her friend coma, after 3 days colon operating. She said to me please pray for him, he is in ICU now, for 3 days. Afterwards i prayed him. When i prayed i felt like my spirit transported and went to him, and beside him i said “come back to your body and anointing of Holy Spirit flow into you, ARISE ! in Jesus name”. I felt like my spirit came back to me again, and i am going to sleep.
Tomorrow morning, my friend text me(SMS) and said “the man already wake up, he already sober and starting to mention several names of his family !” oh haleluya praise the Lord !!
I love what Jesus done, I love what Holy Spirit done in my life, so precious, so amazing…I love Jesus so much…

Many more , more in Jesus
There’s many stories not included in this WordPress Blog, but what i wrote here, it’s true, it’s so powerful, i hope my faith imparting on you while you read these stories.
As i told you, no intention to be conceit servant of God, i sincerely tell the story of faith , so it may imparting the faith on you and God use you as He loves to use me !

For God to be glory.

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