Gold Dust


Perhaps all of you already read my confession about Gold Dust miracle using Indonesia language in this blog, it’s truly amazing miracle ,sign and wonder. I would not tell you how to get the Gold dust miracle again in this page but i would like to share the new experience about this miracle. This amazing God’s glory miracle can also happen only through internet email. My correspondence from Sabah , East Malaysia, sent me email after he read my blog about Gold Dust Miracle Happen Again , in Indonesian language. He wrote me email , asked me how to get that miracle, why he can’t perform healing miracle despite he already prayers hundred times in his ministry. He was a catholic disciple and now join into one charismatic church in Sabah. I would not mention his name for ethic of journalist but i will share about emails he sent to me.

This man truly hunger , why he can’t perform miracle both healing and miracle. He ask me in several emails and we chat each other via emails and i try to explain how God do His miracle in every believer, on every situation. The power to do the healing and miracle is in Holy Spirit anointing, without the anointing a believer cannot perform all wonderful God’s work ! I try to explain about anointing, why believers need anointing, why anointing can make evangelism effectively. He is so interest with it.

At last but not least,
i pray for him to receive a new powerful anointing from Holy Spirit, and pray for his financial problem also.
And i believe God already imparting His power on this man !

And on Saturday afternoon he wrote me email again, and he told me, that he and his wife and children made a family praying ,after reading a holy bible and prayers and worships, he was startled that his hand received gold dust, his children and also in mattress. So amazing God proved His words in my teaching via email. The gold dust miracle now happen in Sabah, Malaysia ! Wow so wonderful, He LIVES ! Jesus LIVES ! Haleluya !

That news made me happy, and worship Him so much.
And when i visited a meeting on Sunday at GBI Sudirman, i asked Holy Spirit so His presence fulfill the hall we had meeting, and you know ? This meeting church like on fire ! Everybody feel God presence in GBI Sudirman. As usually if the presence of God so great i asked Him to send His angel pouring the gold dust, and the angel does ! Gold dust pouring to our ministry friends. Their hands sparkling.
So i said to Lord Jesus, thank your Jesus for Your never ending gold dust miracle happen to us ! Haleluya !

And Sunday evening we attended our friend wedding, me and my brother also our friends used formal dress. My brother and i using a suit. Before we go, we pray for angels protection in our travel then we go ! And you know, our suit full of gold dust ! My back, my hand and also leg full of gold dust ! The miracles still happen despite my friend is a Buddhist ! What is that mean? It means GOD’s glory is everywhere ! He doesn’t care the place, doesn’t care the religion, HE show to all of people HIS glorious power and miracle ! Haleluya !
For your information, i myself rare to get a gold dust, but i always share the gold dust, and they received them. But in this wedding party i also received the gold dust! Happy wedding party coz God presence in my friend’s wedding !

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