Creative Miracle

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Creative Miracle
I prayers for this anointing , i am longs to have this anointing in my ministry, sometime people don’t realize this miracle very important to help invalid people, and to show how great is our God Jesus !
Why i pray this anointing ? Because God put His will in my heart for everybody who needs to be healing, changing their body part, changing their terminal part of their body.
This is amazing way to prove that Jesus still alive in the midst of us ! He lives ! He reigns !
I believe this miracle will happen in every believers , in every servant of God who really humble to receive this unbelievable miracle power.

Todd Bentley, Jason Westerfield, Ryan Wyatt , they are inspired me to ask God imparting the spirit of creator in me, and ability to prayers for creating something by His Holy Spirit. This is not black magic, because in Indonesia , the country where most moslem and also occult standing free here, can imitated the God’s miracle using the power of darkness. This is miserable, really hard to convince the miracle happens because God’s grace not magic, not shaman’s power , only God.
But i ever saw and heard something God’s created but cannot copy by the dark power. It’s bones miracle. The bone miracle can lengthen unstable length of feet or hand.
That was first creative miracle i got from the Lord Jesus, this anointing imparting by Ps Dorcas Daud.

And i knew that i knew that i knew , Jesus answer my prayers, HE so good to me and you.
He give me His spirit of creator. Holy Spirit told to practice my own faith and command the weather to change depend on my prayer. And Holy Spirit remind me about Elijah , who stop the rain for 3 years and asked the rain only one day. I practice my faith, i said my command to the sky
“in JESUS name, i command this sunny weather become cloudy for one day! i release creative miracle anointing in Jesus name ”
It’s only about half hour, the sunny weather become cloudy and windy ! Amazing, HALELUYA !!

And i pray to God to give me more, not only weather miracle, but this creative miracle can help release healing for illness people. I always practice my faith to do this.
One day, an old man call me ,ask me to pray him, he has a kidney problem, always choke, and problem when he wants pee. He ask me and he said truly believe that God will healing him. His faith growing and i am happy hear his voice very optimistic. I pray to God, ask His anointing flow to both his kidney, and ask Holy Spirit God to healing his kidney and restore the new one. I believe my praying is answer at that time. Afterwards, phone closed !
Tomorrow a same old man call me back and tell me that his kidney is healthy and he can do pee normally and no choke anymore. Doctor said that his kidney become fresh again.
Oh haleluya !! God already restore his kidney !
May God be the glory ! From Jesus, By Jesus and To Jesus !

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