Translation Spirit by ministry of Angel

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I don’t remember how many times i used the ministry of angel in my ministry. I believe their exist in our believers life. Since met Ps.Dorcas Daud ,she confirm me with her teaching about ministry of angels. It so awesome because we as believers can ask God send His angels to serve us as long as to bring the God’s glory !

I don’t have much story to tell in this section, but this story made me little bit shock, because i never experience it before.
Friend of mind in master Theology University always discuss about the God’s power, i always like to share what i have and what i do with God. With HIM nothing is impossible, that’s my faith to Jesus.
I may walk through dangers, difficulty but with JESUS nothing is impossible, everything become possible .

In one discussed i told him about the ministry of angel, and told him how to prayer and ask God to use His angel help us. I told “Lord Jesus please send to me Your angel to help me finishing my work, that angel should help me in this work (specifically skill such as prosperity angel etc)

About 1 week my friend chat with me again,
he told me that he already use ministry of angel, and result is unbelievable !!!
What !! What unbelievable i said.
My friend told me that he will ministry in two church. First in Bekasi (East Jakarta) and second in Central Jakarta, he ministering wedding ceremony and worship leader in different place with the distance between Bekasi and Central Jakarta is same distance between Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. You can imagine the Jakarta traffic jam is number two after Rio de Jainero 🙂 , do you believe that? Yes Jakarta very traffic jam ! And my friend only using motorcycle. He worried about the time. He had only 20 minutes left. Then he prayed to God, ask His angel.
He drove the motorcycle with ordinary speed because he brought his girlfriend , so he cannot race in speed. But he always praying and praying, and the miracle and amazing way happened. He arrived on central Jakarta only 20 minutes, and it still less than 5 minutes before ceremony. What an amazing God’s miracle, He ables to translation in spirit, this miracle manifest in material realm. If you already heard about transportation in the spirit you will think the transportation only in spiritual realm, but this translation different, it ever happened with Philip in Act 8:39 “And when they were come up out of the water,the Spirit of the Lord caught away Philip,that the eunuch saw him no more and he went on his way rejoicing.”

It happens, it reals !
Haleluya ! I never guess that ministry of angel could manifest like that, never guess before !

As a friend heard story like this make me happy, fire me ! It’s awesome.
God is doing greatest miracles in this season ! Wow ! Time too short….believe Jesus and you’ll be save !

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