how to make YOU love me, Lord…

Dear Abba Father, Dear Jesus, Dear Holy Spirit

I am musing to be loved by You, Lord
Despite i know Your love endure forever and we Your temple know that
But…i am not satisfied…

How could You love me more if i am not as holy as You.. there’s so much sins i did and hurt You
How could You trust Your gifts , power and anointing works great if i don’t pray and worship You well
How could Holy Spirit manifestation could be creative miracle if my faith sometime up sometime down
How could Your healing , signs and wonders happen in every step i walks if i myself twist my brain and asks about how to do and how to get it ?

Oh My beloved God,
forgive my sins, if i have less faith
don’t believe Your mighty words
don’t believe that You can do miracles instantly

strengthen me with Your love and anointing

awake me that i am son of God who already have favour from You

Holy Spirit
please love me, and stay with me, without You how can i do the God’s work

Oh My Lord , My God
Hug me, don’t let me down and don’t let me drawn from Your high calling…..

I love You Jesus……

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