Neil Sedaka for today…

I was lost my happiness at least for two weeks after all stress force me to “hang” my brain for a while. I just don’t know why it happens to me while i am doing something nice and serious.

But it’s okay, i think i am not Elven if i can’t solve my own problem and my own character.
I was browsing and keep browsing, and something like a flash passed through my mind and remind me about my hobby in music. And most specifically it remind me about someone i love to hear the voice and admire his music and funny face. He is NEIL SEDAKA

I call him now PAPA SEDAKA coz he already 69 years old , old enough as a grandpa and papa, but for me he is one of good singer I’ve ever know in sixty. Then i try to search in YouTube about his video and probably the last show he made. And i found it.

I directly go to his online store and buy the DVD, i know if i convert it into rupiahs,it becomes a big amount but it’s ok, because i love him as a person and also love him as singer, cause for me, Neil Sedaka is the best song writer,singer and pianist, which play Rock n Roll as good as classic tune. I love it and adore him so much. His song Oh Carol , You mean everything to me and much more makes me happy while listened it !

Amazing a man with 69 years old still active and energized also powerful voice,shaking the ROYAL ALBERT HALL for The Show Goes On Neil Sedaka
That’s the DVD i already order from internet and can’t help to watch it !

At last but not least, i would like to say thanks to God who help me overcome my boring,my stress and try to give me a something different and happy at the last moment i want to scream. Thanks HEAVENLY FATHER….

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